Five Things about St. mark's


With a long history of over 125 years in North Saint Paul, there are a lot of things we could tell you about St. Mark's. But here are five quick things you should know about our church:


  1. We are a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
  2. Our mission as followers of Jesus is to love God and love others.
  3. We believe that Jesus invites everyone to God’s Table of Grace, where there is a place for everyone and always room for more.
  4. We believe that God’s love meets us where we are, but never leaves us where it finds us.
  5. As members of Christ’s Church, we have been entrusted with God’s story and sent out to share it. God’s story runs counter to our current cultural narrative. In God’s story, there is enough for all, the stranger is our neighbor, the outcast is beloved, hope is stronger than despair, life overcomes death, and love always wins.

If you are interested in learning more about St. Mark's, please stop by on a Sunday morning or Wednesday evening to worship with us!